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Child and adult orthodontic treatments in A Coruña

The best treatment is the one that is not necessary

Modern orthodontic techniques both aesthetic and effective

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that studies, prevents and corrects developmental alterations, the shape of the dental arch and the position of the jaws, in order to restore the morphological and functional balance of the mouth and face, also improving facial aesthetics.

At Clínica Caamaño, we have the most modern and innovative treatments and devices. We believe and use the most modern and current orthodontic techniques in the world both in aesthetics and in efficacy.

There are many techniques, treatments and orthodontic appliances in the world. Therefore, for a comprehensive diagnosis, do not hesitate to make an appointment with Clínica Caamaño, a specialist in child-adult orthodontics.

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Types of orthodontic treatments

Interceptive Treatment

Try to avoid major alterations. It usually begins and ends during the primary or mixed dentition. They do not rule out the possibility of a later correction.

Corrective Treatment

When interceptive treatment has not been performed, or has not been sufficient due to the nature of the malocclusion, then a corrective treatment is necessary. In this case, aimed at correcting a consolidated malocclusion.

Orthodontics for adults in A Coruña

Are you not comfortable with the aesthetics of your mouth? So, the time has come to undergo an orthodontic treatment for adults in A Coruña. We are specialists in this type of services and we study each case in a concrete and totally personalized way to guide the type of orthodontics that best suits the needs of each of our patients.

At our dental clinic in A Coruña we serve patients of any age, from 20 to 70 years old and we can help and advise you on everything you need. Among the main types of orthodontics for adults that we offer we can highlight: invisible orthodontics, aesthetic orthodontics, removable orthodontics and interceptive orthodontics.

In addition, we work with the aim of providing maximum satisfaction and comfort to our customers. For this reason, we offer orthodontic treatments at the best price, as well as tailor-made financing and without any interest rate.

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