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Specialists in discovering smiles

Specialists in children's dentistry and orthodontics for children and adults

Clínica Caamaño was opened in 1981 in A Coruña and since then our team has worked to transmit a pleasant and familiar environment to all our patients.

We work hard and are convinced that the ideal solution is to try to avoid problems before they appear since the best treatment is the one that is not necessary.

We dedicate our time every day to improve the smile and oral health of every patient, believing in their early care.

Experience and professionalism

The fundamental spirit of our team has been and will always be the early care of our patients.

For this reason, after more than 37 years of operating in the trade, we continue to work hard and are convinced that the ideal solution is to try to avoid problems before they appear, since the best treatment is the one that is not necessary.

Specialists in pediatric dentistry in A Coruña

At Clínica Caamaño we make our extensive experience available to the little ones of the house. Preserving the dental health of the child, and teaching them to acquire correct habits regarding their diet and dental hygiene to achieve the goal of a healthy mouth, is what encourages us every day to improve the services we offer.

Dental services in A Coruña

At Clínica Caamaño we are specialists in:

  • Prevention.
  • Control of orofacial growth and development.
  • Pediatric dentistry.
  • Child and adult orthodontic.

We offer Pediatric dentistry services. Our extensive professionalism and experience allow us to guarantee the best quality.

Orthodontics for adults in A Coruña

More and more patients come to our dental clinic in A Coruña to ask us for information and personalized advice on our orthodontic services for adults.

Although we recommend treating oral problems at the earliest age, at Clínica Caamaño we offer all kinds of orthodontic treatments for adults in A Coruña. Therefore, regardless of whether you have a tooth alignment problem that prevents you from smiling with confidence, dental crowding, sleep apnea, jaw problems, bad bite, etc. We are sure that we can help you and design the treatment that best suits you and your needs. We are here for you!

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Be alert

Correcting bad habits early favors the balance and the correct development of the child's mouth and prevents malocclusions:

  • Have you observed if the child breathes well through the nose?
  • Do you sleep with your mouth open? Snore?
  • When at rest, does your mouth stay closed?
  • Do you have pronunciation defects when speaking?
  • Do you have a habit of sticking your lip between your teeth?
  • Do you suck your thumb during the day or at night before going to sleep?
  • Do you have tonsil problems or vegetations that cause breathing problems?
  • Do you eat all kinds of foods, consistencies and textures?

Frequent situations in which we must be alert and that require evaluation by a specialist at an early age:

Unilateral crossbite

Unilateral crossbite

Bilateral crossbite

Bilateral crossbite

Anterior crossbite

Anterior crossbite

Anterior open bite

Anterior open bite

Highlight increased crossbite

Highlight increased crossbite

Anterior and lateral crossbite

Anterior and lateral crossbite

News and novelties on oral health

Discover the articles of interest about dental treatments in our news section.

Are we serious about preventing oral diseases? Radio interview with Carlos Herrera

This morning on Carlos Herrera's radio program, we were able to listen to the interview with the president of the General Council of Dentists in Spain, Doctor Oscar Carro Reino, talking about the importance of oral health and its relationship with a good number of diseases such as: diabetes,
Micro Implants Course, University of Los Angeles (UCCLA) U.S.

Micro Implants Course, University of Los Angeles (UCCLA) U.S.

Last April, the orthodontist Ignacio Caamaño Rodríguez was in the faculty and at the dentistry clinic of the University of Los Angeles (UCCLA) in California, USA. There he was training in the latest technological advances in biomechanics and expansion (MARPE) through micro implants with Dr W. Moon

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