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Are we serious about preventing oral diseases? Radio interview with Carlos Herrera

This morning on Carlos Herrera's radio program, we were able to listen to the interview with the president of the General Council of Dentists in Spain, Doctor Oscar Carro Reino, talking about the importance of oral health and its relationship with a good number of diseases such as: diabetes, multi-organic infections, cardiovascular and kidney diseases, increased rheumatic diseases, etc, even the relationship with Alzheimer's.

In fact, there are studies done by the father of Spanish genetics, Doctor Angel Carracedo, which deals with the relationship of some neurological diseases and oral health.

That is why prevention is decisive, starting already in childhood.

In the past, we only went to the dentist when we were in pain. Nowadays this is changing and there are many people who periodically go for reviews.

Dental disease is silent and usually presents with a significant pain process. In many cases there is no easy remedy. We would be talking about tooth decay, which is what people identify as worrying.

But as important as tooth decay, it is to prevent gum health, since almost 70% of the population is affected by GINGIVITIS (bleeding to a greater or lesser extent from the gums), which can be the beginning of periodontal disease, A real problem, which in many cases, involves the significant deterioration of the teeth.

Given these consequences, the PREVENTION OF BUCO DENTAL HEALTH deserves to be taken seriously

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