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Pediatric Oral health prevention in A Coruña

The best treatment is the one that is not necessary

The objective of Clínica Caamaño is to preserve the health of the child, teaching them to acquire correct habits regarding their diet and dental hygiene to achieve the objective of a healthy mouth. This is what encourages us every day to improve the service we offer.

We will assess the health of the teeth and gums, but also the presence of malocclusions and harmful habits that could interfere with the correct development of the child.


It is a cavity prevention technique that consists of the application of a material on the surfaces of the teeth in the posterior section of the mouth (premolars and molars).

It is made with a material that tends to wear out and even come off, so it can lose its effectiveness if it is not monitored properly. Follow-up, therefore, must be done over the years.

It is indicated mainly in children who have molars or premolars with an anatomical shape predisposing for the accumulation of bacterial plaque and consequently for the formation of cavities on their surface.


Correcting bad habits early, such as the use of a pacifier, finger sucking or lip or tongue interposition, favours the balance and the correct development of the child's mouth and prevents malocclusions.

Better prevent...

Maintain a diet low in sugars

Maintain a diet low in refined sugars.

Clean your teeth after every meal

Clean your teeth after every meal especially before going to sleep.

Use fluoride correctly

Use fluoride correctly, that is, topically - pastes and mouthwashes -, at low doses and with high frequency.

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