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Pediatric dentistry treatments in na Coruña

The best treatment is the one that is not necessary

The first children's clinic in Galicia

Clínica Caamaño was created in 1981 as the first Pediatric Clinic in Galicia.

At Clínica Caamaño, we have created a favourable environment for your child to acquire in subsequent appointments a positive attitude towards dental treatment, in many cases getting them to love coming to see us.

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Prevention is the key

Prevention is the key to Pediatric Oral health. At Clínica Caamaño we know that good dental health from childhood is one of the most important factors in achieving a healthy mouth when they have their definitive teething.

For this, it is important to go to a pediatric dentist from the moment the first milk teeth begin to erupt so that the specialist can assess the space between them, their shape and size, if there are supernumerary teeth, if the amplitude of the jaws is adequate, etc.

Pediatric dentistry treatments

We work to a great extent on the psychological aspect of the child and we also have adequate tools for the treatment of child patients and their needs.

Dental pain

Our professionals carry out all kinds of specific analyzes to detect the cause of dental pain in the child, thus carrying out an adequate treatment in each specific case.

Dental Aesthetics

At Clínica Caamaño in A Coruña we carry out treatments to correct your child’s mouth in time and avoid future dental problems.

Dental trauma

The causes of blows or trauma are very diverse and it would be necessary to differentiate between blows to milk teeth and blows to permanent teeth. It is always necessary to visit a specialist who evaluates the injury as early as possible and performs the treatment and subsequent monitoring of the injured area.

Interceptive orthodontics

This type of orthodontics receives this name because it intends to “intercept” the growth process of its maxillofacial structure and anticipate the bite and occlusion problems that the child will develop when their growth phase has finished, especially prognathism and retrognathism.

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