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Smile aesthetic treatments in A Coruña

The best treatment is the one that is not necessary

Correction of shape and size alterations with composite

It is a minimally invasive treatment, which only affects the outer face of the tooth, and can sometimes even be performed without the need to touch the natural teeth. We do not need the intervention of a laboratory for its preparation. Layer by layer of material is added over the tooth, being an extremely meticulous job in order to achieve a natural appearance.

Situations in which we can use it:

  • To improve the colour of our teeth: in those people whom the whitening treatment has not been enough to treat their discoloured teeth.
  • Modify the shape of the teeth.
  • Close spaces between teeth.
  • Close black triangles between teeth, very typical in patients with periodontal problems.


Whitening is the most conservative cosmetic treatment that can be done to improve a smile. By improving the colour of the tooth, the smile appears brighter, giving not only an aesthetic sensation but a healthier mouth.

The whitening that we perform in our clinic is:

External ambulatory whitening

The one in which the patient wears thermoplastic splints, made to measure on a model of their mouth, in which they will apply a whitening gel (always controlled by their dentist) daily for approximately 15-21 days.

External withening in consultation

The session is carried out exclusively in the clinic, with a duration of about 45 minutes. It is carried out with a photoactivation lamp that accelerates the effect of the whitening gel. The gel that is applied in this clinical session is a higher percentage than the one we give to patients for use at home, so it must be controlled by a dentist. This is indicated in cases in which we want to achieve the best results in less time.


Minimally invasive technique, used for the removal of stains.

The technique is based on the chemical and mechanical reduction of surface enamel and its subsequent REMINERALIZATION.

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